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China congrats Erdogan on reelection win; ‘Beijing-Ankara ties to continue being stable’

People Daily 30 May 2023
Analysts said that during his extended tenure, Erdogan may continue a balanced and pluralistic foreign policy with geopolitical ambitions, but with the contradictions in Turkey-US relations still proving difficult to resolve, Turkey may become more estranged from the US and the West ... Pluralistic foreign policy.

With new mandate secured, Turkey's Erdogan likely to continue engaging with both West and Russia

The Lexington Dispatch 30 May 2023
Erdogan has successfully maintained a multi-vector foreign policy, which has enabled him to have constructive relations with Russia, China, and countries throughout the Middle East, even if this has been to the detriment of Turkey’s alliances with the West,” said Truesdale.

Turkey\u2019s election result: Erdogan\u2019s will, country\u2019s way

Indian Express 30 May 2023
Senior AK Party leaders said the mandate would allow them to address domestic challenges and foreign policy priorities with a flexible approach ... He is transactional in foreign policy and willing to negotiate ... As an economic power in a geo-strategic hotspot, Turkey\u2019s foreign policy has an impact beyond its immediate region.

Russia and Kyrgyzstan in the Ukraine War…a defensive deal to protect the skies

The Eastern Herald 30 May 2023
On May 19, he said, “These companies act contrary to the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States and support Russia’s military defense complex.”. At that time, the Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry replied that Bishkek and Moscow are strategic ...

What Erdogan’s re-election means for Turkey

Asiatimes 30 May 2023
Meanwhile, he has pointedly distanced himself from NATO allies on the issue of Russian sanctions, and instead talked up Turkey’s “special relationship” with Russia ... It could also force Erdogan to re-evaluate his foreign policy ... Erdogan won the election without making any promises of change regarding domestic or foreign policy.

Congress can help kick start Biden’s Southeast Asia policy 

The Hill 30 May 2023
Yet, despite the region’s growing importance, the Biden administration’s foreign policy toward Southeast Asia has left much to be desired.&nbsp... With new and arguably more pressing foreign policy challenges such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine having emerged over the past year, these doubts remain strong. .

Serbian president to meet U.S., Russia, China, EU ambassadors after clashes erupt

Reuters 30 May 2023
Afterwards, he will conduct separate meetings with the ambassadors of Finland, Russia and China. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell late on Monday condemned the clashes, calling the violence against NATO peacekeepers "absolutely unacceptable" and urging immediate dialogue.

Erdogan survived the biggest test of his political career. What’s next?

Egypt Independent 30 May 2023
King said that despite his disagreements with the West, Erdogan’s recent foreign policy moves may have given Turkey a kind of independence that many of his supporters appreciate ... “ transactional foreign policy, where it pits Russia and the US against each other to get what he wants” is likely to continue, he said.

Czech Foreign Minister Believes Russia Will Pose Threat to Europe for Decades

Urdu Point 29 May 2023
The foreign policy of the Czech Republic proceeds from the expectation that Russia will pose a threat to Europe for decades, Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky said on Monday ... "Our foreign policy is built upon assumption that Russia will present a threat to Europe for decades," ...

Which direction will Turkey choose after Erdogan’s re-election as president?

The Eastern Herald 29 May 2023
in his victory speech, speaking of foreign policy, Erdogan begins with Russia ... according to the polls, the majority affirms that the current foreign policy and the strong relations with Moscow are fully in line with their interests.

Russia’s policy strategies not addressing Sustainable Development Goals in Africa

B & FT Online 29 May 2023
In a nutshell, it is imperative that Russia takes its foreign economic policy initiatives seriously as it seeks an assertive posture on the global stage, even as it juggles with its efforts to regain influence in Africa ... If Russia’s foreign economic agency paid attention to ...

Russia expects ‘high dynamic’ in projects with Türkiye to continue after Erdogan win

Anadolu Agency 29 May 2023
... for your efforts to consolidate state sovereignty and pursue an independent foreign policy.”. Meanwhile, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told the state-run TASS news agency that Moscow will continue its cooperation and political dialogue with Türkiye.

Erdoğan likely to remain engaged with Russia despite Putin’s war on Ukraine and Turkey’s membership in NATO

Market Watch 29 May 2023
“ ‘Erdoğan has successfully maintained a multivector foreign policy, which has enabled him to have constructive relations with Russia, China, and countries throughout the Middle East, even if this has been to the detriment of Turkey’s alliances with the West.’ ” — Jay Truesdale, Veracity Worldwide.
photo: AP / Emrah Gurel
Supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan celebrate in Istanbul, Turkey, Sunday, May 28, 2023. Turkey's incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared victory in his country's runoff election, extending his rule into a third decade.

Why Erdogan's victory in Turkey matters for the West

BBC News 29 May 2023
... to ostracise the Kremlin after its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, even as Turkey's allies in Nato imposed sanctions and slashed their energy reliance on Russia..

Russia is key supporter of African trade – business broadcaster

Russia Today 29 May 2023
Africa has seen a surge in interest from foreign countries for its resources over the past decade, although Russia’s approach has always been accompanied by policies that help the continent’s development, business broadcast journalist Winston Tackie has told RT ... Russia’s approach has been different, Tackie stressed.

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