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NATO’s Phony (and Dangerous) Nonbelligerent Status Regarding the Ukraine War

Antiwar 26 Jan 2023
The conventional wisdom among members of transatlantic foreign policy blob is that such warnings are just posturing – that Russia would never dare take military action against a NATO member ... Ted Galen Carpenter, a senior fellow in defense and foreign policy ... Foreign Policy (2022).

IOC sending message that "it endorses Russia's brutal war", Athletes for Ukraine group claim

Inside The Games 26 Jan 2023
"This mindset has been longstanding as Russia has proven time and time again that athletes are an integral part of its foreign policy ... "However, we do know that as leaders of sport, the IOC stands in a powerful position to prevent Russia from continuing to use athletes and sport as a tool of foreign policy.

Kuwait building bridges of understanding with nations: Envoy to Spain

Arab News 26 Jan 2023
Kuwait’s foreign policy was targeted at building bridges of understanding and promoting peace and stability in the Middle East and beyond, the Kuwaiti ambassador to Spain said ... “The humanitarian dimension and support to international peace efforts are among the basic features of Kuwait’s balanced foreign policy.”.

In major escalation in war, Biden sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine

People's World 26 Jan 2023
Germany and Russia have had several decades of cooperation with Germany purchasing Russian gas and the Russians a major customer for German exports ... It is difficult to believe foreign policy makers who double talk that way ... They are being brought close to a direct war with Russia,” the editorial warned ... policy toward both Russia and China.

Duncan Mackay: IOC must decide whether they want Ukraine or Russia at Paris 2024, but they cannot have both

Inside The Games 26 Jan 2023
Instead, in an attempt to justify its controversial policy on Russia and Belarus, the IOC included a paragraph in its statement about the "participation of individual athletes from the former Yugoslavia at the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992." ... arm of that country's foreign policy.

US will give military tanks to Ukraine, signaling Western powers' long-term commitment to thwarting Russia

The Norman Transcript 26 Jan 2023
would send 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine – following Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s repeated requests for more military tanks to help wage its war against Russia ... It is not an offensive threat to Russia. There is no offensive threat to Russia ... foreign policy and international security.

Ukraine's Zelenskiy urges U.N. action on deportations

Reuters 26 Jan 2023
official to help find a way to resolve what Ukrainian authorities decry as a serious consequence of 11 months of war - the deportation to Russia of thousands of adults and children ... Zelenskiy described as genocide what he said were Russia's policies of captivity and forcing refugees to take on Russian citizenship.

Ukraine’s Zelenskiy urges U.N. action on deportations

FX Empire 26 Jan 2023
official to help find a way to resolve what Ukrainian authorities decry as a serious consequence of 11 months of war – the deportation to Russia of thousands of adults and children ... Zelenskiy described as genocide what he said were Russia’s policies of captivity and forcing refugees to take on Russian citizenship.

New US ambassador arrives in Moscow

Russia Today 26 Jan 2023
The US has declared that a “strategic defeat” of Russia in Ukraine is its foreign policy objective, with Biden pledging to arm Kiev for “as long as it takes” for that to happen.

‘War scares us stiff’: Germany’s reluctance to arm Ukraine is rooted in its bloodstained past

The Los Angeles Times 26 Jan 2023
In Communist East Germany, Sahra Wagenknecht learned as a child that Russia was an ally and the United States a threat to peace, while 250 miles away, Gerd Bauz lived near an American military base that he was told was there to protect West Germany from a feared Warsaw Pact invasion ...It’s Germany’s signature on foreign policy since Feb.

Putin Lackeys Lose Their Minds Over Ukraine Getting Battle Tanks

The Daily Beast 26 Jan 2023
TV propagandist Vladimir Solovyov called European leaders “Nazi scumbags” and argued that the delivery of Leopard tanks to Ukraine makes all of Germany a “legitimate” military target for Russia ... “Russia’s impotence in the field of foreign policy must be compensated for with military successes.

As Biden seeks to avoid wider war, delivery of M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine escalates conflict

Yahoo Daily News 26 Jan 2023
Those concerns were misplaced, he said, and has been overtaken by the concern that Russia is poised to make significant gains this spring.Story continues ... "They are better than Soviet tanks, plus the Ukrainians will be trained better," said Michael O'Hanlon, a senior fellow and director of research in foreign policy at the Brookings Institution.

Experience from a past crisis suggests Europe should shake off any complacency

Economist 26 Jan 2023
A swathe of Europe was wondering how to keep itself warm after Russia cut off gas supplies over a dispute with Ukraine ... Foreign policy wonks wondered how to engage with Russia in the wake of its attempts to invade its neighbour ... witness how long it has taken to agree to send Kyiv tanks to take on Russia.

Why Mitt Romney says U.S. support of Ukraine is good for America

Deseret News 26 Jan 2023
Mitt Romney says if Americans say the United States should not spend money to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia, they should probably say the U.S ... “We’re just appalled by the fact that Russia has invaded a peaceful, sovereign nation next door.” Continued American prosperity depends on peace, Romney said ... foreign policy.

McCarthy's house: Shame in short supply

Herald-Standard 26 Jan 2023
In new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s, R-Calif., own words ... That’s an operative quote from the man of small-town Bakersfield, California ... First, Russia’s war on Ukraine is nearly a year old ... President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says more military aid is vital to withstanding Russia’s winter offensive. Balking at Biden’s foreign policy is bad enough ... no rules.

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